Garage Door Seals: Top and Side Retainers

Garage door seal retainers for the top and side of the door come in various sizes, designs, and colors. Our 1" and 2" wide seal retainers come painted bronze and white. They also come as milled. These have a standard aluminum appearance to them. The 1" and 2" aluminum retainers have the slot at different angles. A straight aluminum retainer has the slot pointing directly outward from the rest of the retainer, as shown in the 2" Straight Bronze retainer. The offset retainers have the slot pointing the same direction as the straight retainers, but the slot is raised a little above the rest of the retainer as shown in our 2" Offset Milled retainer. We also sell a 1-3/8" Offset Milled retainer (STR-138OFFM). Our 1" retainers also come at 90-degrees, which points upward from the flat part of the retainer (see STR-190M). Both 1" and 2" retainers come at 45-degrees. This angle, shown in our 2" 45 Degree White retainer, points outward at an angle half-way between the straight and 90-degree angles. The Reverse 45 Degree is also at a 45 degree angle, but the slot points down away from the flat part of the retainer. The slots on the retainer come in two sizes: Standard and Large.

We also sell a 3" offset standard-slotted seal retainer. There are more 3" and 5-1/2" retainers with the larger slots, which all come milled. The 3" retainers come straight, at 45 degrees, and offset. The 5-1/2" retainers only come straight and at 45 degrees.

For rolling doors, we sell a retainer that clips onto the track.

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